Sky-High Honeymoon Experiences: 8 Places To Elevate Romance!

Sky-High Honeymoon Experiences: 8 Places To Elevate Romance!

Your honeymoon is not just a simple vacation it is an initial step into the quiet joys of the marriage filled with love, adventure and unforgettable memories. What’s the better way to celebrate these special moments than by taking your beloved to new heights?

For this, sky-high honeymoon experiences offer you this special joy that is filled with a blend of romance and adventure, allowing you to explore scenic landscapes, and city views to create cherished memories. From hot air balloon rides to sky diving, there are lot more to look after in the romantic honeymoon packages.

Pre-planning is key here by considering your thrill of choices and the best part here is that most of these experiences are covered by International honeymoon packages under 80000. Join us, to learn about 8 sky-high honeymoon experiences one must try to create unforgettable memories.

8 Best Sky-High Honeymoon Experiences For Couples

Here are the 8 best sky-high honeymoon experiences for couples for a romantic getaway:

1. Hot Air Balloon Ride Over Cappadocia, Turkey

This is one of the best Sky-High honeymoon experiences to try over the surreal landscapes of Turkey. Here you will be uplifted gently in a hot air balloon, passing over whimsical city views and ancient rock formations. The route encompasses the patchwork valleys, scenic clouds and the orange hues of the dawn sun. The sunset view is the must-try option here, you will be staying at the high altitudes waiting for the sunset experience and enjoying the ethereal glow of the clear sky mid-way.

2. Sky Diving Over The Great Barrier Reef, Australia

This is one of the unique sky diving experiences you can try at least once in a lifetime over the scenic Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. This adrenaline-rushing experience truly makes you spellbound with the free fall at the dizzying heights and the plummeting beauty of the coral reef. You will also be experiencing vibrant colours beneath you along with the enchanting marine life and corals under the water.

3. Zip-lining in Costa Rica’s Cloud Forests

If you are a nature lover then Costa Rica’s ziplining along the lush cloud forests can surely be your next choice. This adventure-filled joyous ride will start from towering heights passing over by the pumping cables racing along the green canopy amidst the hustling of the tropical wildlife. All along the zip line, you can find various flora, fauna, waterfalls, and birdlife which are considered as immediate synonyms for eye-feast.

4. Seaplane Excursion In Maldives

What could be the best option for the Maldives if you are looking for an oceanic water escape? This place not only offers nature splendid but is also filled with various water activities that can make your honeymoon more memorable. One of the best adventure activities In Maldives to feel a Sky-high honeymoon experience is to travel on a seaplane excursion to the respective Island you choose. From the heights, you can witness the breathtaking contrast of the tranquillising lagoon waters, abundant marine life and also lush greenery of this Island paradise.

5. Paragliding In Interlaken, Switzerland

Paragliding experience in Switzerland over the fine Swiss Alps is a must-do activity on your honeymoon. You will be launched from the lofty peaks of mountains and glide across the scenic vistas of the snow-capped mountains. Throughout the glide, couples can enjoy the turquoise water lakes, the verdant valley looks, waterfalls and also panaromic forest views. This can be an unforgettable trip for the couple looking for sky-high honeymoon experiences.

6. Helicopter Tour of the Hawaiian Islands

A helicopter ride over the Hawaiian Islands gives a glimpse of its emerald valleys, enchanting waterfalls, serene green forests and also rugged terrains. Amidst the coastlines, this ride comes with the feeling of the awe-inspiring beauty of Aloha State from the bird-eye view. The lush greenery of Na Pali Coast, Volcanic landscape and forest greenery create a sense of nature dominance over the term beauty.

7. Bungee Jumping in Queenstown, New Zealand

Bungee jumping in New Zealand is a leap of faith for a couple looking for an adventurous act to do together. This jump station lies in Queenstown New Zealand where you will be headed to the Kawarau Bridge and jump from there over the crystal clear waters of the Kawarau River. With the backdrop of the scenic terrains and the river water, this jump truly creates an exhilarating adventure experience for honeymoon seekers.

8. Hot Air Balloon Safari in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If so Tanzania offers marvellous experiences that no other place can offer. You will be airlifted in a hot air balloon and the vastness of Africa unfolds beneath you with the diverse wildlife fauna and flora. This ride drifts along the wind direction over the savannah grasslands to witness keystone species like Elephants, Giraffes, Lions and many more. The sun-rise point here has the hues of golden colour which offers your cherished sky-high honeymoon experiences.