Relocation and employment of an IT specialist in the UK

Relocation and employment of an IT specialist in the UK

IT specialists are in demand all over the world. But at the same time, each country has its characteristics. They apply not only to work but to all areas of life. If you have a desire to find an IT job in Britain or move to London, it’s worth doing a little research first. UK IT recruitment agencies are renowned for their diversity and it will only be a matter of time before you find the right job.

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There are no surprises among the motives that push programmers and developers to move to Britain. They look like this:

1. Financial. Good IT specialists can earn 3-5 times more than at home. Even taking into account taxes, you can ensure a comfortable life in almost all regions of the country.

2. Quality of life. These include culture, safety, insurance, medicine, and quality of education.

3. Stability of the political system and society.

4. Opportunity for professional development.

Among European countries, Britain is among the leaders in terms of wages in the IT sector. Together with Germany and the Netherlands.


IT recruitment agencies in London are quite numerous. Some of them are supported by the state, as well as labor exchanges. The applicant’s opportunities are quite wide. A specialist can use any of the search methods:

– Specialized sites and platforms, from LinkedIn to local job sites;

– Websites of the companies themselves. Typically, large organizations publish vacancies on their pages;

– Contacting the Jobcentre;

– Search in the local press and on their pages on the Internet;

– Recommendations and advice from residents, friends, and entrepreneurs;

– Visiting labor exchanges and job fairs.

In this case, the main option for finding a job for a programmer or developer will be to contact recruitment agencies London IT. Pay attention to the specialization of recruiting agencies (it can be very narrow) and look for more information on the Internet about the agency and the hiring company. Now there are many opportunities to check an employer and read real reviews about them.


If such a desire arises it makes sense to move at any age. Discrimination in all its forms is prohibited in Britain. Therefore, recruiting agencies and employers are required to review candidates’ resumes without regard to gender, age or appearance. The chance of getting a job at 50 is about the same as at 25.

London is filled with thousands of expats, and adapting to this city will be relatively easy. And new impressions and emotions will help you feel less homesick and quickly adapt to life in another country for more info please visit technology section.