How To Pray Zuhr and Asr Together When Travelling

How To Pray Zuhr and Asr Together When Travelling

When you’re on the go, fulfilling your religious obligations can sometimes feel challenging. But fear not, travelers! Islam offers concessions for performing prayers during journeys, including combining Zuhr (noon) and Asr (afternoon) prayers.

This guide will walk you through the steps on how to effectively combine Zuhr and Asr prayers while traveling, ensuring a smooth and spiritually fulfilling experience.

What You’ll Learn:

  • Understanding the concept of combining prayers (Salat al-Jam)
  • When combining Zuhr and Asr is permissible
  • Two methods for combining Zuhr and Asr prayers

Let’s Begin!

Combining Prayers (Salat al-Jam):

During travel, Islamic law permits combining Zuhr and Asr prayers, or Maghrib (evening) and Isha (night) prayers. This concession is known as Salat al-Jam (combining prayers) and offers a welcome flexibility for those on the road.

When to Combine:

The option to combine prayers is available specifically for travelers. If you’re unsure about your travel status, consulting a local Imam or trusted Islamic scholar is recommended.

Two Methods for Combining:

There are two accepted methods for combining Zuhr and Asr prayers:

  • Taqdim (Bringing Forward): Pray Zuhr at the beginning of its time slot, then immediately perform Asr after completing Zuhr.
  • Ta’khir (Delaying): Delay Zuhr prayer until the beginning of Asr’s time slot. Then, perform Zuhr followed by Asr.

Important Notes:

  • Whichever method you choose, ensure you maintain the proper intention (niyyah) for each prayer.
  • Both Zuhr and Asr prayers are shortened to two rak’ahs each while traveling.


This guide provides a general overview. For more specific details and rulings based on your situation, consulting a qualified Islamic scholar is always recommended.

Travel Well and Pray with Ease!

By following these steps and consulting with a scholar if needed, you can ensure your prayers are performed correctly while traveling, maintaining your connection with Allah SWT throughout your journey.