Comparing Pet Trackers: FitBark vs Aorkuler – Making the Smart Choice for Your Pet

With the advancement of technology, more and more pet trackers are appearing on the market, such as FitBark and Aorkuler. This article will take you to a deeper understanding of the features and user experience of these two products. Let’s explore them together and see which brand can better meet the needs of you and your pet to make your pet’s life more exciting!

FitBark Pet Tracker

The FitBark Pet Tracker consists of GPS and a cellular network. After GPS location, the location data is transmitted to the mobile app through a nearby cellular base station. It is more suitable for use in places with a good cellular signal.

If the cellular signal is weak in the user’s location, FitBark’s pet tracker will be slow in transmitting data or even not work properly. So, it doesn’t do real-time pet tracking.

Since it uses a cellular network, users also need to pay a monthly subscription fee to the cellular network operator.

FitBark has an electronic fence. Pet owners can set a range. When the pet runs out of the defined range, the mobile app will sound an alarm.

FitBark can also monitor the pet’s activity in addition to the location and electronic fence. You can keep track of your pet’s physical condition by checking its health data.

I will list for you some of the recent user reviews of the FitBark experience.

Judging from the Amazon reviews, the recent experience with FitBark is not too good with a rating of only 2.6. Some users complained that the locator feature doesn’t work and there is a subscription fee.

Some users say the location feature works.

Aorkuler Pet Tracker

The Aorkuler Pet Tracker consists of GPS and radio technology. Instead of using a cellular network, it transmits location data directly via radio technology. The strength of the cellular signal in the user’s area does not affect the speed of data transmission. So, it can still track your pet’s location in real-time in rural or suburban areas.

It has sound and night flash functions. When the pet is near the owner, the owner can use these two functions to find the pet quickly.

Users can also use the sound function to train their pets. The user repeatedly calls the pet and feeds it after the sound of the tracker. The pet will then return to the owner when it hears the sound.

In addition, when purchasing the Aorkuler pet tracker, users do not have to pay a monthly fee to the cellular carrier. This reduces the financial burden of the user.

I will list some of the recent user experience reviews of the Aorkuler pet tracker.

From the Amazon reviews, the Aorkuler’s recent experience feels okay with a rating of 3.9. Some users complained about the fast battery drain.

Some users say the Aorkuler pet tracker does not require a subscription fee. The sound feature can train the pet. The controller can show the direction of the pet’s location in real time.


The FitBark pet tracker has not been recognized by users, but Fitbark has a product with a similar appearance, which does not have tracking and GPS, and only focuses on activity monitoring. Users have a good reputation for this product. 

If you only want to monitor the physical health of your dog and do not need to know the dog’s location, you can buy this activity monitor from FitBark. If users want to ensure the safety of their dogs when traveling, especially those dog parents who live in areas with poor cell signal, and parents who like to take their dogs out for adventure hiking, I recommend to choose the Aorkuler pet tracker. It will be more in line with user needs in terms of location tracking.

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