What Do Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Look Like UK

What Do Mobile Phone Detection Cameras Look Like UK

Don’t Get Caught! A Guide to Mobile Phone Detection Cameras in the UK

Using your phone while driving is dangerous and illegal in the UK. To keep roads safer, authorities are deploying mobile phone detection cameras. But what exactly do these cameras look like? This guide will answer that question and provide helpful resources to keep you informed.

What to Look For:

Mobile phone detection cameras in the UK are typically housed in large trailer units positioned on the side of the road. They’ll have two key features:

  • Dual Cameras: Look for a set of two cameras. One captures a wide shot of your vehicle, including the license plate. The other camera points downwards into the driver’s cabin.
  • Flashing Warning Signs: These cameras are often accompanied by warning signs that say “mobile phone detection cameras in use” or similar wording.

Here are some resources to help you identify these cameras:

Staying Safe on the Road:

The best way to avoid getting caught by a mobile phone detection camera is simply not to use your phone while driving. Here are some tips:

  • Use hands-free calling: Invest in a hands-free car kit or use your car’s built-in Bluetooth system.
  • Put your phone away: Silence your phone and place it out of sight before you start driving.
  • Let passengers handle the phone: If you need to use your phone for navigation, ask a passenger to operate it for you.

By staying informed and following safe driving practices, you can avoid fines and keep yourself and others safe on the road.

Remember: Don’t risk a fine or worse, an accident. Focus on the road and put your phone away!