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Wallester Conquers UK Market and Revolutionizes Financial Solutions

Wallester is a pioneering financial technology company. Its main goal is to make financial transactions seamless around the world. Just a few months ago, Wallester reported a landmark event. The provider was granted a license for cross-border operations. It marked the first step in conquering the UK.

It is an unprecedented and bold step showing that Wallester is not stopping its development and strives to spread its innovative solutions worldwide. Wallester has received a license in Estonia. The Estonian Financial Supervisory Authority issued it. Thus, Wallester became the first Estonian company to obtain the right to conduct payment transactions and issue cards in the UK. It is a particularly important achievement against the background of the Brexit procedure. It shows that Wallester is fearless of new challenges and plans to expand far west.

Peculiarities of the Card Issuing Sphere

Having a cross-border license will allow Wallester to lead a real revolution in the UK in the field of financial technology, particularly in the issuance of cards. Britons will be able to benefit from a wide range of innovative services available to companies from different sectors. They will have at their disposal solutions that enable their businesses to grow globally and make payments quickly, securely, and comfortably.

Wallester co-founder and CEO Sergey Astafiev believes that obtaining a license is one of the most important steps for a company. The provider’s existence shows that it is working hard and persistently to achieve its goals and is not afraid of any challenges, even after Brexit. Astafiev is confident that Wallester’s innovative offerings will be particularly successful in the UK market and that UK businesses and private consumers will finally have access to convenient and secure software products.

With Wallester’s innovative solutions, various organizations can issue cards in the UK, including credit providers and financial, banking, and non-banking institutions. This will allow Wallester to expand its customer base significantly, and the British business will provide a range of tools to optimize financial processes and further development.

Product Features

The emergence of Wallester in the UK technology market opens up many opportunities for business because the provider is a recognized world leader in the development of innovative financial solutions for card issuance. In turn, the UK has close partnerships with five of the world’s most powerful economies. It means that Wallester’s expertise and technological prowess will be sought after by UK businesses, who always seek solutions to meet their needs.

Wallester’s customers will be able to process payments seamlessly and customize financial products with ease. These tools will help businesses and individuals alike thrive in the ubiquitous digitalization of the economy. Having obtained a license to operate cross-border, Wallester will actively seek new customers and partners in the UK and will seek to completely modernize financial processes in the United Kingdom.

The innovations that Wallester is introducing have the potential to transform and significantly empower Britons and their businesses quickly. Although it may sound very ambitious, the provider is fully prepared to revolutionize the UK’s financial landscape and help it take a huge step forward in financial technology adoption.

The Company’s Current Realities and Growth Prospects

Wallester is just beginning its conquest of the UK financial technology market with its cross-border license. Over the last year, the company’s revenue has increased tenfold, which shows that it is moving in the right direction in its development. Wallester is expected to continue to be well rewarded for providing unique expense card issuing capabilities to UK businesses.

Wallester is unwavering in its commitment to providing its customers with the most innovative and efficient product possible to meet all their needs. The company plans to open its own office in the UK and has applied for a local EMI license to do so. It will allow Wallester to strengthen its position in the UK market further. The company wants to expand its regional reach to give as many businesses as possible access to specialized financial services.

Entering the UK tech market is a sign that Wallester has great potential and is growing rapidly. It also indicates that fintech can easily adapt to today’s market realities, which include regular problems and constant challenges. For Wallester, there are no borders, and the company can open new ways to conduct financial transactions, this time already in the UK.

Obtaining a license to operate in the UK confirms that Wallester’s strategy of expanding its sphere of influence is not just ambitious but truly realistic. In the future, Wallester plans to grow dynamically and bring its innovations into the rapidly evolving UK financial landscape.

Getting a cross-border license is easy—it just requires approval from one regulator. This is evidence that Wallester is serious about breaking into the UK market and conquering it with its powerful developments. It is a sign to all businesses in the region that they have a unique chance to take advantage of a wide range of financial services to help them grow and generate additional profits.


With Wallester’s cross-border license in the UK, a new era in financial technology begins. The provider always maintains its principles and implements them in all new territories of its presence. British businesses can be sure that Wallester will provide them with a quality and efficient product tailored to their needs. For more info please visit the networkustad.

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