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Top Benefits of Taking a Helicopter Return from Everest Base Camp

Everest base camp trek is on the list of desires of many tourists who love challenges, beautiful sceneries, and adventure to explore the heights of the world’s tallest mountain. However, it can be quite tiring and long at times, depending on how long a distance one has to travel. Choosing a helicopter to return to EBC is a great and adventurous mode of transport after such a thrilling adventure. It is faster and less exhausting than doing it manually and gives a breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the mighty Himalayas. The fact that the helicopters are practical and provide an unforgettable experience makes their return desirable for many trekkers.

Why Should You Choose A Helicopter Return from The Everest Base Camp?

Hiking back to the Everest helicopter return is not only convenient; it is also a chance to add more excitement to the overall trekking. The element of time-saving courses combined with the relief view from the top, safety, and comfort makes this mode attractive to many trekkers. If you want to save time, avoid the difficult way down to Lukla or just want to make the dream. If you end up comfortable, a helicopter trip back from EBC should appeal to you. It adds value to the journey regarding time, enjoyment, and perceived stress, enabling the trekkers to relish the fruits of their achievement and the Himalayas’ brilliance in a style they have not witnessed before.

Some Benefits of choosing the EBC helicopter return trek

1. Time-efficient:

 Another advantage one can swiftly note with a helicopter return is time-saving. The EBC trek usually lasts between 12 to 14 days for the round trip, and even though both treks are similar in terms of distance, the return journey seems longer due to exhaustion. A helicopter ride to Lukla or Kathmandu that can take as little as 30 minutes can be arranged for those who do not want a physically challenging trek back to Pokhara.

2. Physical Relief:

Trekking up to EBC is not easy; it involves a lot of exercise and energy exertion. The downward route also affords a stunning view but is physically demanding if the hiker feels sore from the other part of the hike. It saves actions such as the tiring hike back to the truck and, therefore, reduces the chances of incurring an injury or feeling the effects of the altitude change.

3. Unique perspectives:

In most cases, a helicopter offers unique perspectives that cannot be compared to any other form of transportation in the Everest region. After trekking through the mountains, valleys, and several villages, trekkers are provided with an aerial view. From this angle, one can easily take beautiful pictures and have a perfect view of the imposing size of the land.

4. Safety and Convenience:

High-altitude trekking is a sensitive undertaking in that there are many issues that a trekker must consider. Weather conditions during those times are treacherous, and the return journey is equally risky, with chances of avalanches, landslides and acute mountain sickness possible. A helicopter return is safer due to the many risks involved in climbing such slopes. Moreover, getting back to civilization fast and without any discomfort might be an important factor, particularly in the case of numerous business-related meetings or potential health issues.

5. Adventure:

At the end of their trip, those who have experienced the thrill of hiking in the mountains can enjoy the royal treatment of being flown back in a luxury helicopter. The helicopter ride is quite an experience; most visitors highlight it as their favourite part of the tour. It makes the overall trekking more enjoyable and exotic than it would have been on a normal trail.

6. Flexibility:

A helicopter return allows for greater flexibility in terms of organizational timetabling. The trekkers can afford to stay around in EBC or any other point of interest without considering the number of days it would take to retrace their steps and get back. This freedom can make the whole trip more fun and not much pressure to focus more on the adventure.

7. Suits All People of Ages:

Though the EBC trek is adventurous and demanding for everyone, a helicopter journey back home is convenient for elderly or physically restricted people. This option lets everyone witness and feel the beauty and challenges of EBC, not to mention the less tiring way down, so it is apt for families.

8. Emergency evacuations:

If there is an emergency, such as high altitude sickness or accidental injuries, the quickest way out is by helicopter. Having a pre-planned helicopter pick-up makes trekkers comfortable about the pick-up process in case of an emergency and also makes it easy to call for a helicopter evacuation in case of an emergency.

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