Tips for Choosing a Fire Alarm System

Tips for Choosing a Fire Alarm System

For any business, a commercial fire alarm is a must. Fire is unpredictable and even a second’s delay in action can wind up leading to catastrophic consequences. Having a fire alarm is simply the beginning.

Choosing the right fire alarm system can be tougher than it looks, however. If you are in the market for a fire alarm system, then you need to follow these helpful tips for making the right selection.

Get the Right Type

Though fire alarm systems might seem the same, there are differences to be aware of. You wouldn’t want to get a system meant for an apartment building for a commercial office and vice versa. Each has features that are tailored for a specific setting, allowing them to be the most effective that they can be in the face of an emergency.

A great commercial office fire alarm system is a bit more comprehensive than one for apartment buildings. Likewise, an industrial fire alarm system would have the means to put out fires quickly, especially with flammable items being commonplace. Do your research and make sure that the fire alarm system you are considering can fit the needs of the space it will be going into.

Fire Alarm Call Points

Have you ever noticed those little green or red boxes with the handles on them? Those are fire alarm call points and they are often a legal necessity for businesses. Thankfully, these are relatively similar no matter where you look, though they do come in slightly different shapes and color schemes.

These call points work simply. There is a little glass pane that covers a small button or lever. In the event of a fire, someone can break that glass quickly and set off the alarm. Acting quickly can allow first responders and firefighters to arrive promptly. Being able to act quickly can make the difference and even result in the building being saved when all is said and done.

Following Codes and Regulations

If you are planning to install a new system or upgrade your current one, then local codes and regulations must be followed. Each area will have its specific requirements when it comes to fire detection. Check with your local municipal office to find out what those requirements and regulations are so that you can avoid any potential issues with the installation or replacement.

Meeting those requirements is critical for a few reasons. For one, you want to ensure that the system being installed can do the job properly. Secondly, you want to be certain that you avoid potential penalties and fines that could come with any violation. These are small steps to make but can wind up having a big impact on the overall quality and ease of your installation.

Know Your Budget

Like it or not, budget is going to be one of the main considerations when choosing a fire alarm system. The price of a fire alarm system will vary depending on the size of the building, how complex the system is, and the type of system. Be aware of these things and how they stack up against your existing budget.

Going into the process with a clear budget in mind will help to narrow down your choices. It will also provide a much clearer picture of what kind of features you can afford, what has to be compromised, and what kind of system you can go with. Don’t waste your time by merely looking at all of the options because there will be some that are simply unrealistic.