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The Ultimate Comparison: CR2430 vs SR920SW Watch Batteries Explained

Choosing the correct battery for your watch can significantly impact its performance and longevity. Two standard options for watch batteries are the CR2430 battery and SR920SW battery. This article will explore the differences, similarities, applications, and considerations for each type to help you make an informed decision.

CR2430 Battery Overview

The CR2430 battery is famous for watches and other small electronic devices. It is a lithium battery CR2430 3V with a diameter of 24mm and a thickness of 3.0mm. Known for its reliability and long lifespan, the CR 2430 operates at 3 volts, providing consistent power to devices. Brands like Varta CR2430 and Duracell DL2430 are well-regarded for their quality and performance.

SR920SW Battery Overview

The SR 920 SW battery, also known as the SR920 or SR 920 watch battery, is another standard watch option. It has a diameter of 9.5mm and a thickness of 2.0mm, making it smaller and thinner compared to the battery CR 2430. The SR 920 SW operates at 1.55 volts, which is suitable for low-power devices like watches and small electronic gadgets.

Size and Dimensions:

  • The CR2430 is more prominent with a diameter of 24mm and thicker at 3.0mm, whereas the SR920SW is smaller with a diameter of 9.5mm and thinner at 2.0mm. Size can impact compatibility with different watch models.


  • The CR2430 operates at 3 volts, providing a higher power output suitable for devices requiring more energy.
  • The SR920SW operates at 1.55 volts, standard for most watch batteries and sufficient for low-energy consumption devices.


  • CR2430 batteries are commonly used in watches, key fobs, and small electronic devices where space allows for a larger battery.
  • SR920SW batteries are ideal for watches and other slim devices with limited space and a thinner battery.

Performance and Lifespan:

  • Both batteries offer reliable performance, but the CR2430 generally has a longer lifespan due to its higher capacity and voltage.
  • The SR920 battery equivalent is more compact and fits well in slim-sized watches, providing adequate power for typical watch functions.

Availability and Brands:

  • Varta CR2430 and Duracell DL2430 are well-known brands for CR2430 batteries, available in many stores and online retailers.
  • SR920SW batteries are widely available from various brands, ensuring compatibility with most watch models that use this size.

Choosing the Right Battery

When deciding between a CR2430 and SR920SW for your watch, consider the following factors:

  1. Watch Specifications: Check your watch manual or the existing battery to determine the required size and voltage.
  2. Battery Life: If your watch can accommodate both sizes, consider how often you want to replace the battery. The CR2430 may last longer due to its higher capacity.
  3. Size Compatibility: Ensure the battery fits snugly in your watch’s battery compartment without any issues. The SR 920 battery equivalent is preferable for watches with slim designs.
  4. Brand and Quality: Opt for reputable brands like Varta or Duracell for assured quality and performance, ensuring your watch operates reliably.


CR2430 and SR920SW batteries are essential in powering watches and small electronic devices. The choice between them depends on your specific watch’s requirements, including size, voltage, and space constraints. Whether you opt for the robust power of the CR2430 or the compact efficiency of the SR920SW, each offers reliable performance to meet your watch’s needs.

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