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The Best FC 24 Career Mode Teams 

Every new edition of FIFA – or FC 24, as it is now known – raises the question of what team to go for in the coveted Manager FC 24 Career Mode. Some of you prefer a youthful side brimming with potential future talent. Others look for star-studded sides built for instant success. It helps to have a high transfer budget too, which is essentially like having FIFA coins PC in Ultimate Team.

Whether you prefer a short-term or long-term project, this FC 24 guide has something for everyone. Get your tactics board out and prepare to work your brain because there are no FUT boosting services to help you out this time!

FC Barcelona

Barcelona has been the faltering giant of European football in the past decade. Years after years of Champions League humiliations have been made worse by falling domestic performances as well, though they did win the league last season.

In any case, this represents a crucial time period for FC Barcelona that could be a pivotal moment in their history. It’s in your hands to revive the sleeping giant, and you do have the necessary tools at your disposal. There is a sizable transfer budget, and the famed academy La Masia never fails to produce world-class talents. Recent years have seen breakthrough stars like Gavi and Balde, so you’re all set for both present and future success.

Wrexham AFC

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a proper movie script of rags to riches, you might want to go with Wrexham AFC. The club owned by famous Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds has seen a lot of coverage in recent times owing to its breathtaking promotion to EFL League 2. Will you be able to take them to League 1 and beyond with your technical prowess?


Let’s face it: for all its extravagant spending in the past couple of years, Chelsea has been nothing short of disappointing. FC 24 Players were purchased with no plan in mind, with multiple occupying the same position. That might work in your favor in FC 24, though, as it means you have a talented young squad at your disposal with great squad depth.

Mauricio Pochettino wasn’t able to get the best out of them, but perhaps you can build a team that no one will want to face!


Having won the Scudetto in scintillating fashion, Napoli is a side full of experience as well as energized youth. The attack is spearheaded by the powerful Victor Osimhen, who, at the young age of 25, has a good decade left to build your project around.

With a few other acquisitions, you will have a team that is ready to compete on not just the domestic front but also the European front.

Bayer Leverkusen

The German side might prove to be a pleasant surprise in the Manager FC 24 Career mode. Leverkusen features an experienced core bolstered with young stars like Florian Wirtz and Frimpong. Veterans like Xhaka and Hofmann will keep the ship steady and allow you to build a project to potentially annoy Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

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