Is Travel Trolley ATOL Protected

Is Travel Trolley ATOL Protected

Are you considering booking a flight or holiday package through Travel Trolley? If so, you might be wondering if your trip will be financially protected by the ATOL scheme. This is a valid concern, and here’s what you need to know:

Travel Trolley Does Hold an ATOL License

The good news is that Travel Trolley operates with an ATOL license (number 5553) issued by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This means that many of the flights and flight-inclusive holidays they offer are financially protected under the ATOL scheme.

ATOL Provides Financial Security

ATOL is a financial protection scheme for UK travel companies. It safeguards travelers in case the company goes bust before your trip departure. If this happens, the ATOL scheme will:

  • Repatriate you (fly you back home) if you’re overseas.
  • Offer a refund if you haven’t departed yet.

Not All Bookings Are ATOL Protected

It’s important to understand that ATOL protection doesn’t apply to all Travel Trolley offerings. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  • Focus on Flights and Flight-Inclusive Packages: ATOL primarily covers flight-inclusive holidays booked through Travel Trolley.
  • Double-Check for an ATOL Certificate: When you book a flight or package, Travel Trolley should provide an ATOL Certificate if it’s protected. This certificate details what parts of your trip are covered.
  • Confirmation is Key: If you don’t receive an ATOL Certificate, or the certificate doesn’t list all trip components, those parts won’t be ATOL protected.

How to Ensure ATOL Protection

To maximize your peace of mind, consider these steps:

  • Inquire During Booking: Before finalizing your reservation, ask Travel Trolley to confirm if your chosen flight or package has ATOL protection.
  • Review the ATOL Certificate: Once you receive the certificate, carefully review it to understand what elements of your trip are covered.

By following these tips, you can be confident whether your Travel Trolley booking benefits from ATOL financial protection. You can find more information about Travel Trolley’s ATOL license on their website: Travel Trolley ATOL Protection:

Travel with Confidence

Knowing your trip is ATOL-protected allows you to relax and focus on enjoying your travel experience. If you have any further questions regarding ATOL coverage for specific Travel Trolley offerings, don’t hesitate to contact them directly for clarification.