How important are customer reviews in e-commerce?

How important are customer reviews in e-commerce?

In an era of increasing digitalization, companies on the Internet face certain competition. Their marketing strategy being at the heart of their development, they must now succeed in adapting and distinguishing themselves from competitive companies. For this, there is a quality marketing tool: customer reviews.

These are today’s essential elements of a web marketing strategy for an e-commerce site. Indeed, they have a significant impact on the decision of an Internet user to buy or not buy a product. 88% of Internet users consult customer reviews before making a purchase, which represents almost 9 out of 10 people.

We can also see that it is one of the marketing tools in which Internet users have the most confidence. Indeed, Internet users rely much more on customer reviews than on advertising, and the confidence of Internet users is only declining. This tool is shaking up traditional marketing. In general, customer reviews promote the act of purchasing by inspiring confidence, but they also have other virtues.

SEO optimization

For a physical or virtual business, customer reviews are a key business element for the following reasons: they improve your natural referencing, also known as SEO. Indeed, several characteristics generated by the contribution of opinions on a site are recognized by the algorithms of search engines such as Google or Ecosia.

Contribution of content  :

Having customer reviews on a site provides content. The higher the number of reviews, the more the content of your site can contain keywords that are searched by Internet users. This way your content is considered relevant and will go up on the web. It is also advisable to respond to reviews, whether negative or positive. This allows you to provide content while maintaining a dialogue with your customers, which shows your willingness to listen to their expectations.

The click-through rate:

For rate products, they appear directly in internet results with yellow stars called Rich Snippets stars or Google stars. Thanks to these, your page is highlighted and stands out from other results. Internet users are more likely to click on a result containing yellow stars.

In fact, the increase in the click-through rate due to customer reviews is on average between 15 and 30%. Also, in order to promote the clicks of Internet users, it is preferable that your average score is high. On the contrary, a poorly rated product will be left out.

Manage your e-reputation

In addition, customer reviews allow you to have an eye on your e-reputation. This is the virtual image that your company sends on the web. By having feedback from your customers, you have the opportunity to understand the weak points of your products or your service. In this way, you can adapt to consumer expectations and improve your offer.

Having a good e-reputation increases your conversion rate. When a user arrives on your site, they will be attracted by the average score of reviews and will be instantly reassured. He will be better able to validate his basket. We also observe an increase in the average basket due to the confidence of Internet users generated by reviews.

Customer reviews are also a great way to build customer loyalty.

How to get customer reviews on your site?

It is possible to use a trusted third party, which is responsible for collecting, managing, and publishing the opinions. For example, there is the Guaranteed Reviews Company plugin, which is a customer review management solution that guarantees authentic reviews for your e-commerce site. It is compatible with different CMSs including WordPress / Woocommerce, Prestashop, and Magento.

Thanks to this plugin, you save time by sending emails to customers to encourage them to give a review. They are asked to give an opinion on the purchasing experience that they have lived in a global way but also to give an opinion on the product that they have bought.

It should be noted that only 1% of customers give their opinion of their own volition, whereas if they are soliciting, we see that more than 10% of Internet users respond. In addition, the feedback is generally positive. People are coming out a lot more today to let people know that they are happy with their product or service.

Plugin Conclusion

This plugin offers the possibility of responding to the opinions left by your customers. You can thus maintain a dialogue with them and be more attentive to their needs. This possibility is an asset because you can show your professionalism.

The particularity of the Guaranteed Reviews Company plugin is the redirect of customers to your Google My Business page when collecting reviews, which greatly increases the number of Google reviews. This is a considerable advantage in order to gain notoriety and to have a better image.