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Getting your Work Permit in Istanbul? Let Kurucuk Lawyer Istanbul Team Help You 

Generally, it is vital to seek information regarding a work permit since getting one in Istanbul can be rather tedious. At Kurucuk, our work permit Turkish Lawyer, especially in Istanbul, work hard to make it easier for foreign individuals and firms to get an Istanbul work permit. Someone may need an employer’s invitation, while someone may want to find the best workforce for their company in Turkey; our team will always be ready to give you the necessary legal assistance. 

Why Should You Work with Kurucuk for Your Work Permit Services in Istanbul? 

Istanbul Legal Assistance for Work Permits 

Expat work permit lawyers: Our Law firm focuses on all areas of Immigration Law; however, our primary service is helping expats obtain work permits in Istanbul. Considering the years of practice and knowledge of Turkish immigration laws, our attorneys are experienced in dealing with work permit processes and all the related legal requirements. 

Istanbul Employment Visa Lawyer 

Being a foreigner, it might be a challenge to get a visa allowing one to work in Istanbul; therefore, an employment visa is essential. Our legal team explains the work permit process in Istanbul and collects biometric photos, and company trade registry gazettes as the work permit documents. 

Lawyer specialising  in working permit for foreign companies in Turkey 

Companies in Istanbul need a suitable legal advisor for their foreign staff’s legal issues for their working operations. We have a focused corporate practice, which includes services to help applicants apply for business visas and coordinate the registration of foreign employees with social security. 

Overview of Our Legal Services Working in Istanbul 

Istanbul-based Lawyer, Expert in Professional Work Visa 

Hiring professional and experienced energy lawyers at Kurucuk can allow professionals from any field to hire them. We ensure that your work permit application is perfect and submitted without any hindrance to increase the possibility of your application being approved.

Foreign Employment Lawyer Istanbul 

As your foreign employment lawyers in Istanbul, we are willing to help you with the work permit, residence permits, and all the legalities that you would need to legally fulfill your employment with a Turkish company. 

Work Permit Law Firm Istanbul 

B ground is a permit that is issued by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security and grants permission for a foreigner to work only for the employer mentioned in this permit, and only in the position stated in the license; it allows the foreigner to work in Turkey exclusively for this employer and only in the position declared to the Ministry during the application. 

Analyzing our work, it is possible to state that ethics and profound legal knowledge are our key principles at Kurucuk. Our legal services for Istanbul work permits have positioned us as a reputable legal team among expats and global companies due to the provision of quality services. 

Work Permit Lawyers Are Waiting for Your Inquiry Now at Kurucuk 

If you need legal advice regarding the work permit category in Turkey, Istanbul in particular, then Kurucuk  is the place to turn to. This is our group of professional lawyers and immigration consultants. We welcome clients to come and seek help with immigration procedures in Turkey. When employing our services, one not only gets a lawyer but also a companion for the entire process. 

The list below will provide more information to visitors who want to get legal advice and representative services for their legal problems. 

The expertise at Kurucuk continues beyond work permits, but we have also categorized our services as follows. Some of the specific services we provide as a Turkish law firm for Turkish and foreign clients are as follows. 

Comprehensive Immigration Legal Support 

For more information about immigration cases or visas and residency problems, our qualified lawyers in Istanbul will help you. We are capable of acting on virtually all immigration matters so that your sojourn or relocation to Istanbul will be as issue-free and legal as possible. 

Complex Legal Capabilities in Relationship to Every Aspect of Istanbul Law 

If you need legal consultancy or if you are looking for legal aid in different fields of law, we are your lawyers in Istanbul. Whether you need business law, personal law, or litigative law, you can count on us to get the legal solution for your legal situations in Istanbul.

Services for English-speaking clients 

As lawyers with experience and practice, we are aware of the difficulties that arise when dealing with the legal system of a foreign country. This is why our attorneys in Istanbul, who speak English and have knowledge of the local legal system, are committed to helping English-speaking people and international companies. Thus, the communication and comprehension we aim to have are free from barriers due to the places we all come from. 

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