Hepatitis A: This vaccine protects against a liver infection common in many parts of the world.

Hepatitis B:  This vaccine shields you from another liver infection, also prevalent in certain regions.

Typhoid: This comes in both shot and pill forms at Costco, guarding you against a bacterial illness.

TDAP: This combination vaccine protects against tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis (whooping cough).

Competitive Prices:  Costco leverages its buying power to negotiate lower prices for members.

Convenience: Get your shots at the pharmacy alongside your regular shopping trip.

Program Options:  Consider the Full-Service Travel Medicine Consultation Program (available in select states) for personalized guidance (restrictions may apply).

Consult your doctor: Before getting any travel vaccine, discuss your itinerary and health history with your doctor to determine which ones are right for you.

Check with Costco: Availability of specific vaccines may vary by location.