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GBWhatsApp Apk Download Latest Version (Updated)

GBWhatsApp is a customized variant of WhatsApp designed specifically for Android users. It’s a free, secure, and easy-to-install application that offers a plethora of advanced features not found in the original WhatsApp. Among its standout capabilities are Do Not Disturb (DND) Mode, the ability to download media meant to be viewed only once, a rich selection of themes for personalization, diverse font options, an integrated translator, and enhanced privacy settings. As of 2024, even though numerous alternative modified messaging apps are available, GB WhatsApp Download remains a top choice due to its comprehensive and user-friendly enhancements.

Permissions Requirements

When installing GBWhatsApp, you’ll need to grant several permissions to ensure its full functionality. Here’s what you’ll be asked to allow:

  1. Stable Internet Connection: Essential for sending messages, making calls, and overall app functionality.
  2. Microphone Access: Necessary for voice messages and calls.
  3. Camera Access: Required for video calls and capturing photos within the app.
  4. Storage Access: Needed to save and access media files like photos and videos.
  5. Read Messages: To read and display your incoming messages.
  6. Contacts Access: Allows the app to sync and show your contacts.

Privacy Features

DND Mode

GB WhatsApp Update introduces a fantastic feature called Do Not Disturb (DND) or Airplane mode, which allows you to block all incoming messages and calls without disconnecting from the internet. This means you can stay online and use other apps without any interruptions. Another great addition is the Ghost mode, making it effortless to stay undisturbed while still remaining connected. Whether you want to focus on something important or just need some peace and quiet, this feature lets you halt all communications while keeping your internet active.

Hide Status View

Typically, when you view the status updates of your contacts, your name appears in their list of viewers. However, with GBWhatsApp’s Ghost mode, you can check your contacts’ status updates without your name showing up in their viewer’s list. This feature allows you to browse status updates discreetly, maintaining your privacy.

Freeze Online Activity

GBWhatsApp offers a unique feature that lets you hide or freeze your “last seen” status to a specific time. By activating this option in the GB Settings, your “last seen” timestamp will remain fixed at the moment you choose. Even as you continue to use GBWhatsApp, your contacts will only see the frozen time, not your actual online activity. This means they will think you were last online hours ago, while in reality, you’re actively using the app, allowing you to maintain your privacy seamlessly.


WhatsApp has recently added a feature allowing senders to delete messages from the receiver’s chat after sending them. However, GBWhatsApp goes a step further by offering an anti-delete or anti-revoke feature. When you enable this option, any messages the sender tries to delete from both sides will remain visible in your chat. This ensures that you never lose any messages, even if the sender attempts to remove them.

Pros and Cons

When considering GBWhatsApp, there are several advantages and drawbacks to keep in mind:


  • Free to Download: The app is available at no cost.
  • User-Friendly: Designed for ease of use with a simple interface.
  • HD Media Downloads: Allows high-definition downloads of photos and videos.
  • Secure and Safe: Ensures user privacy and data security.
  • Battery Efficient: Consumes less battery compared to other apps.
  • Broad Compatibility: Works on all Android devices.
  • Extended Video Status: You can share video statuses up to 45 seconds long.
  • Save View-Once Media: Download media meant to be viewed only once.
  • WhatsApp Web Support: Compatible with WhatsApp Web for desktop access.


  • Android Only: Not available for iOS users.
  • Occasional Crashes: The app may experience stability issues at times.
  • Limited Speed Options: Does not support fast downloading or fast playback of media.
  • Live Location Issues: Sharing live location might not work seamlessly.


GB WhatsApp is a sophisticated and enhanced version of the standard WhatsApp, offering a range of unique features that set it apart. As we’ve outlined, it excels in providing robust privacy controls, extensive customization options, and an overall secure and user-friendly experience. While there are numerous WhatsApp mods available online, GBWhatsApp stands out as the most advanced and innovative, offering features you won’t find elsewhere. Its rarity and comprehensive capabilities have made it incredibly popular since its launch.

Download GBWhatsApp APK today to take full advantage of its exceptional features. Stay connected with us for the latest updates and versions of the app. Don’t forget to bookmark our site and share it with your friends and family. If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to leave a comment. We’re committed to addressing your questions and concerns. Thank you for visiting, and we appreciate your time!