Can I Travel to Greece with UK Refugee Travel Document

Can I Travel to Greece with UK Refugee Travel Document

This blog post is for anyone holding a UK Refugee Travel Document who wants to visit Greece. It will clarify whether this document allows entry and what steps you might need to take.

In Short:

  • A UK Refugee Travel Document generally won’t permit entry to Greece on its own.
  • You’ll likely require a visa for Greece.

Understanding Refugee Travel Documents:

While a UK Refugee Travel Document allows travel, it doesn’t guarantee visa-free entry to other countries.

Steps to Take:

  1. Check Greece’s Visa Requirements: The Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs website ([Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs]) details visa requirements for various nationalities.
  2. Contact the Greek Embassy/Consulate: They can confirm specific visa requirements for UK Refugee Travel Document holders. They may be reachable by phone or through their website.

Additional Considerations:

  • Validity of Travel Document: Ensure your UK Refugee Travel Document is valid for your intended travel dates to Greece.
  • Purpose of Travel: The reason for your visit to Greece may influence the type of visa needed (e.g., tourism, business).


While a UK Refugee Travel Document itself likely won’t allow entry to Greece, contacting the Greek Embassy/Consulate will provide clear information on any visa requirements for your situation.