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Books about Huawei HCIA Certification

Candidates of HCIA certification often ask what relevant books they can read when they have leisure time after passing the Huawei certification exam and what books can be used as reference books. The following books are equally recommended regardless of the order, and you can choose as needed.

  1. HCNA-WLAN Learning Guide

This book mainly introduces the content of HCIA wireless direction, and the author is Gao Feng. In this book, the basic principles, networking, configuration, business, product features, security configuration, architecture, planning tools, actual cases, and fault handling are all introduced in detail.

  1. HCNA Network Technology Learning Guide

This book is about HCIA network fundamentals. It covers the basic knowledge of network communication, Huawei VRP operating system, working principle of Ethernet, STP protocol, VLAN principle, IP basic knowledge, TCP and UDP, routing protocol basis, RIP protocol, OSPF protocol, three-layer communication between VLANs, etc.

3. HCNA Network Technology Experiment Guide

As the name implies, this book mainly talks about experiments in HCIA stage, and teaches you how to complete experiments with eNSP (Enterprise Network Simulation Platform). To help ICT practitioners learn information and network technologies better, Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. released the industry’s first free enterprise network simulation software platform in September 2012.

4. Network Security Deployment Version 2

This book is a supporting textbook for the construction project of provincial resource sharing curriculum. It is compiled based on the teaching principle of “project driven and task oriented”, which reflects the teaching concept of “based on work process”. This book takes Windows7, KaliLinux, WindowsServer2012, PacketTracer and eNSP as experimental platforms, combines the relevant knowledge of professional CCNA and HCIA certification, and introduces the project in the National Vocational Skills Competition, Information Security Technology Application Competition and Information Security Management and Evaluation Competition.

5. Routing and Switching Technology

Anyone who knows about large training institutions in China will know Han Shiliang. He is one of the authors of this book and a famous lecturer in training institutions. This book aims to help students at the initial stage to further learn the common protocols and corresponding configuration methods of network technology. This book is written in the order of switching before routing. First of all, the switched network is outlined, so that readers can learn the content of the later part of this book more easily. Next, authors use two chapters to introduce VLAN and STP, two commonly used technologies in switching networks. The following six chapters are all related to routing technology, which is an essential core technology in the Internet.

6. Huawei Cloud Computing HCNA Experiment Guide

This book introduces the content of cloud computing. It has not been included on the website yet, but we will upload the content as soon as we get resources. This book is divided into three chapters: Fusion Compute, Fusion Access, and Fusion Manager, with a total of 12 sections, covering Huawei’s cloud computing HCIA course. It mainly involves the installation of Fusion Compute; Virtual machine management; Storage management; Network management; Host and cluster management, etc.Spoto

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